South African Gambling Stats

Gambling is a multi-billion dollar global business. Gambling is a popular activity in practically every nation on the planet. The entire gross gaming income in South Africa is anticipated to be approximately R35 billion yearly, with a 6% annual growth rate.

Due to the country’s rapid expansion and a new gaming law, more and more gambling enterprises are seeking to establish themselves there.

Types of gambling most popular in SA

It is believed that 1 in 10 South Africans gamble regularly, spending over 13 billion USD every year. The gaming business is strictly controlled in the nation, but the National Gambling Amendment Bill would alter that. Online gambling is growing in South Africa, and the new bill may empower the government to grant licenses and monitor operations.

Casino games and slot machines are the most popular types of gambling in South Africa, accounting for 72% of total gambling income. Sports betting is the second most common sort of gambling in the nation. Casinos were outlawed in 1965 but were legalized in 1994. South Africa now has many casinos, drawing visitors from all over the globe.

Casinos in South Africa

South Africa’s tourism sector is expected to grow to 19,6 million visitors by 2023. Beautiful beaches, mild weather, and some of the world’s wildest national parks. South Africa also has over 40 casinos ranging from modest local venues to major five-star resorts.

Sun City, two hours outside of Johannesburg, is a famous casino. This five-star resort is one of Africa’s most popular gaming locations. The resort includes two casinos, Sun City and Jungle. Both casinos are open 24 hours and include hundreds of slots and tables. Sun City is also known for having hosted many entertainers. Hundreds of performers and bands played there in the early 1980s, including Queen and Elton John.

Montecasino is another popular casino in SA. This Italian-themed resort in Sandton debuted in 2000. Montecasino has thousands of square meters of gaming and entertainment. Guests may enjoy the theatre or movie, relax in the spa, or dine at one of six restaurants on the open-air Piazza.

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