New Rules of Craps That You Should Learn!

A beginner’s approach to craps

JohnSlots’ beginners introduction to Craps! Dealers announce, players gamble, and dice fly across the table in a frenetic maelstrom. It’s no surprise that the craps table is the most boisterous in the casino.

With so many moving elements, novices may find craps scary. The frequent use of jargon and slang can make it appear as if the players are speaking a foreign language.

Luckily, JohnSlots can assist. We’ve put up a beginner’s guide to craps that covers everything from the different bets to the table management to the probable results of a throw. Everything Craps is covered right here.


A craps game has three sets of players. The first is a single individual – the shooter. This is the person that is now rolling the dice. The shooter must roll the dice against the opposite table wall and is the only player who must place a wager before rolling. We’ll get to that later.

The second category is the casino staff. Large craps tables can have up to five managers, although generally have 3-4. One boxman, one stickman, and two or three merchants. See our Craps rules guide for more on these roles.

The third category is the other players. They can just watch the game or place, alter, or withdraw bets. They are generally loud, adding to the excitement as the shooter rolls the dice.

The game’s flow is as follows:

  • The shooter initially picks two dice from a bowl of multiple pairs and bets on the Pass/Don’t Pass line.
  • The shooter throws the dice forcefully enough to strike the other side of the table. The Come-Out Roll
  • The first round of bets, Pass or Don’t Pass, are paid out according on the come-out roll.
  • If the come-out roll does not end the round, a point value is computed and the shooter rolls again until a result stops their play.
  • The next shooter rolls the dice, bets, and the game continues.

The quantity of bets available and what they all imply is the most confusing component of craps for newcomers. Placing bets is simple enough. All a player needs to do is place their chips on the table where they wish to wager.

The Pass and Don’t Pass bets are crucial before the Come-Out Roll. We’ll go into these in more depth later. After the come-out roll, players have more alternatives if the shooter hasn’t crapped out. We now have multi-roll, proposition, and odds bets.

We should now look at some of the lingo you are likely to encounter right from the start of the game, around the come-out roll.

Natural, Craps, or Point

The come-out roll has three possible outcomes, two of which terminate the round.

Natural. A natural 7 or 11 on the come-out roll implies the shooter has won the game. Pass bets are paid off, and the shooter wins if they bet on the Pass line. Craps. Craps is the inverse of natural. This is a 2, 3 or 12 outcome. The shooter loses if they roll any of these three. Don’t Pass bets win. After a natural or a craps outcome, a fresh round begins with a new shooter.

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